(All consultations/readings can be done in person or over the phone)


This is where I prefer to begin with new clients. Even if you have had other astrological natal readings I prefer I do a natal/birth chart reading again with you.  Relying on past astrological input is tenuous at best. It would be similar for a doctor to rely upon another doctor’s diagnosis without doing his own examination.  Rest assured we will get to the particular issue(s) at hand.

In essence, there are three categories in life; Being, Doing and Having. Everything in life fits into one of those categories. Far and away most people, start with the “having”. We need to have food, shelter, clothing etc., so we educate ourselves accordingly and go out to find a job to provide what we need to “have.” When we finally begin our search for meaning, we always are seeking the Being. What we need to know is our Being. “Who am I? What makes me tick?” By truly understanding your Being, you can then determine how to express your Being in its highest way, hence the Doing. Then from the best expression of the Doing comes the Having. When we have them in proper order, and understand the Being, the system flows as it is meant to flow, easily and successfully. Your Being affects every area of your life; love, relationships, career, money, health. Without a clear understanding of it, we are rendered in effective to influence a respective issue.

The natal reading takes approximately 90 minutes. During the process, we explore all the areas of your life; relationships, career, financial, health etc. My vested interest is getting to your truth. Before the session starts I have prepared your birth chart, studied it and have a clear direction for your journey. The entire session is audio taped recorded for your future listening.


A transit reading is a reading for either a particular point in time or for over an extended period of time. Think of a transit reading as a weather report. It is used for clarifying the energetic atmosphere of a particular issue or time period.

Planets are constantly moving in their orbit and exerting changing influences on our lives. Just like there are seasons to a year, there are seasons to our life. Transit readings keep us current on the energetic patterns of our life. Transit readings can be done on a regular basis or as guidance is needed on particular issues. Transit readings generally take on the average an hour but can vary given the situation.

Transit readings can also deal with specific issues in your life. See below.


Our lives are interwoven in all kinds of relationships. We have intimate love relationships, family relationships, work relationships, business relationships and friendships. What makes some of them work and some of them disasters? How do I communicate so well with one person and not at all with another? Why is it I am so attracted to a particular person? How can I get along better with my kids?

Relationship readings can offer much understanding on any relationship. There are two types of relationship readings; synastry and composite. Each will give a unique perspective and guidance to the relationship. Relationship readings vary in time on the given situation.


Perhaps the most hopeful of all readings are those I do for children. I believe it is most beneficial for parents to have the natal charts of their children read. This is a reading for parents to understand their children in a more in depth manner. The parent is given insights into how to better communicate with the child, how to nurture the child in a way the child is able to receive, how to best motivate and encourage the child. Obviously, not all children are alike but so often they have to fit into molds that stifle and discourage their optimum Being. These readings are the best way to enable parents to foster the optimum being of their child.


This is the Doing of your life.  I like to think of it as how does your Being want to express itself. There are so many influences in choosing an avenue of expression for our being. It is best, however, to understand your self before you invest yourself in a career that does not suit your true self. Astrology can point the way along the right path.


Each of us is a spiritual being having a physical experience and this physical experience is taking place within our human body. The body is the last and most dense harbor of our life lessons. It is astrological knowledge that the various planets and signs have ruler-ship (influence) over particular parts of the body. By reviewing the natal chart, we are able to ascertain and curtail possible health conditions that can effect our life. Experience has proven that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound cure. Astrology can offer us such prevention.

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