Many years ago I was invited to be a guest astrologer on a country music radio station. What was intended to be a one time gig turned into a monthly happening. In between songs I would field calls from listeners wanting astrological advice for their issues. As it happen every show, for four hours the phone lines were slammed with callers and 99% of the callers had love and relationships questions.

The most basic astrological question pertaining to love and relationships is, “What sign am I compatible with?”  I wish as an astrologer I could give a one word answer. The reality is one sign doesn’t fit all.

If you’ve been on this planet any length of time, say beyond age 13, you have come to learn that a relationship is a complex dynamic; especially an intimate love relationship. For some people that last sentence could be a major understatement.

I have done countless astrological sessions with couples providing insights into their relationship dynamics. Some sessions have been with couples enjoying the initial stages of their relationship and eager to learn how best to navigate their journey. Other sessions have been with couples whose established relationship has come upon rocky waters. In these situations we used astrological insights to shed some needed understanding for the benefit of both parties and the relationship. Then there have been sessions with couples who were happy with their relationship but still wanted to gain more clarity on how to better nurture their treasure.

I am thankful to say that astrology can provide valuable information to help all types of people in all types of relationships and particularly intimate love relationships.

By perusing the astrological charts of two people we can discern compatibilities on varied issues in the relationship. These include ego drives, ego masks, love styles, modes of communication, sexual compatibility and money behaviors as well as other dynamics.

Such clarity, at the minimum, can save a lot time, energy and money. Years ago, I had woman client who had met dream man. She was sure he was the one. When I looked at their charts, I was not impressed with this union and I expressed my concerns.  Although my concerns did not make her happy, they did not deter her from marrying her beloved. Four months later, as I enjoyed a drink at her wedding reception I could not dispel my concerns about this marriage. My concerns proved to be well founded, when a few months later the bride and the groom sat before me seeking clarity on their troubles. This time I explained to the both of them, what the challenges were, why they were present and how best to work with them to achieve happiness.  The wife again, did not want to acknowledge the elephant sitting in the living room. The husband however, was hearing me loud and clear. As it happened a few months later, they divorced.

To date, I have not done another session for the woman. However, a few months after the divorce, the man came in for a session. He was ready to start dating again. With him he brought the birth dates of three women he had met and wanted me to comment on their respective compatibilities. I ran their charts and gave him my opinions, which were synchronistic with his perceptions. He paid me for that session and in addition handed me another check to act as a retainer. He wanted to be able to call me from wherever he was at the time and garner input about potential dates. His belief was that I was cheaper and easier to deal with, than making wrong decisions.

For a relationship to truly be happy there has to be synchronicity on multiple levels. Did you ever meet someone who you could talk with forever but there was no chemistry? Or, with someone else, the sizzle would light up the night but he/she was dumber than a rock?  There are so many factors that at times it can seem like an impossible relationship Rubik cube.

One time after doing an enjoyable initial astrological reading for a woman, she asked me to look at her husband’s planetary energies. Very quickly, I said to her, “You’re having trouble with sexual compatibility.”  She looked at me dumfounded and said, “How did you know that?”  She paused and then continued, “He wants me to start his fire and I can’t.”  I agreed with her and told her she couldn’t start his fire. Why? The reason was clear. Her husband’s sexual energy was in the element of fire.  Her sexual energy was in the element of water. It’s physically impossible for water to start fire.  However, fire can boil water and create lots of steam. I explained to her how their sexual life could be more passionate. One week later, for the first time ever, I bumped into this couple at a party. The husband was, to be understated, not excited to meet me.  Then approximately a month later at another gathering, I bumped into this couple again. This time the husband looked at me and greeted me with a big smile on his face. Sometimes something as simple as learning to boil water can make all the difference in a relationship.

Relationships, not of the intimate kind, are all about us. Parents, children, siblings, employers, employees, friends, business partners, attorneys, doctors, and the list goes on as long as there are people. Astrological perspective can shed light on any and all types. I have helped people negotiate major business deals based on the understanding of astrology charts. Astrological indicators have helped employers hire the right person for the job.

We can honestly say that without relationships we wouldn’t be here. If you are in a relationship and seek some clarity, I will be glad to assist you with it. If you’re not in a relationship and want to enhance your chances of attracting a good relationship, we can do that too. If you know a couple that could use some help, please suggest an astrological consultation.

Finally, did you realize that there are a dozen different love styles? So how are you to get the love you want if you don’t know your particular love style? And how can you give your beloved the love he/she needs if you don’t know his/her love style?  So much to learn, so much to know and so much love to give and receive…….