I tell you my story only as a possible means for you to relate your journey with mine. And more importantly, how my journey might assist yours.

Many people have asked me how I got started in astrology. I can you assure it wasn’t by my design. After twenty plus years in the real estate development business, with fifteen of those years being the president of my own firm, I found myself at a crossroad. An economic recession had wreaked havoc with the entire economy and crippled my business in the process. I needed some insight into my life and what direction I should take. And I wanted it immediately!

A friend of mine suggested I go to an astrologer. My reaction was quick and to the point, ” I don’t believe in that garbage”. After all of those years of dealing in concrete and steel I wasn’t ready to listen to some astrologer. Nevertheless, something within me impelled to go to him and get a reading in spite of my apprehension. In fact, over a six-month period I went to see him twice. However, it wasn’t until two months after my second reading that my life unfolded before my eyes and I have not been the same since.

As the story goes, it was a Thursday and I was fighting the flu. My body was less then enthusiastic but my mind was racing. Then I was intuitively guided to look at my astrological birth chart that I was given by the astrologer. When I looked at my birthchart, it was clear that I couldn’t understand anything on it. It was written in a very strange foreign language. But something within me made me persist. I borrowed some astrology books from my friend and began to read. I then went to the bookstore and bought more books and read and read and read. Seven days later, with only brief periods of sleep separating me from my astrological dig, I came up for air. I felt like I discovered the key to a huge treasure chest.

As I continued my study, I analyzed my birth chart and with each morsel of information, I gained knowledge and insight into my life. I then proceeded to practice reading the birth charts of my friends. My evolution truly seemed like the story about the man who had never seen a guitar before in his life but while walking down the street one day, found a guitar on the ground, picked it up and began to play it as if he was a maestro. My hidden ability to interpret astrological information was a gift to me that I did not seek. However, with much gratitude, I have now used this gift to benefit literally thousands of people in all different walks of life across the United States, Canada, Europe, South America and New Zealand.  I have lectured, given classes and workshops across the country. I have been on countless television and radio shows. I have published articles in magazines as well as published an audio series on Sun Signs.

Here is the bottom line to all of the above. Astrology is a profound and practical tool for understanding your life. It is, however, written in an ancient and symbolic language. I have been given the gift to understand this language. I find joy in using my gift of understanding this cosmic tool, to help you find the joyous meaning in your life.

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