After doing literally thousands of astrological readings, the following is what I hold true.

We all realize that, without the energy of the Sun, we couldn’t exist on the planet Earth. We are also beginning to realize that the energy of the Moon has a decided effect on the affairs of us humans. Stories of the effect of full moon energies are evident in hospitals and police stations across the nation. The effect of the moon energies on the ocean tides has been well documented by science.

Science is expertly knowledgeable about the planets in our solar system. Science knows the chemical compositions of each planet; whether they are gases or rock, etc. Science tells us how fast they orbit the Sun. Mercury does it in 88 days, while Saturn takes 29 years. Science tells us the size of each planet with Venus being the size of our Earth and Jupiter being 12 times the size of the Earth. With all this information, however, science does not tell us what the planets are doing dangling in space. Why are these massive balls of energy floating in the sky?

It is my belief, without getting the least bit religious but rather highly spiritual and metaphysical, that the planets are gifts from God, Infinite Intelligence, to help us live our lives. I liken them to big cosmic utility companies. Just as the electric company provides us with electrical power and the sewer company provides us with sewage disposal, each planetary utility company has specific functions. For simple examples; the Sun is the utility of our ego structure, the Moon is an energy of feelings and instincts, Mercury is a utility of communication, Venus is one of love, Mars is one of action, Jupiter – expansion, Saturn – contraction, Uranus – awakening, Neptune – spirituality, Pluto – transformation.

The question most of ask is; “How does a planet way up there affect us way down here?

We are certainly aware of the effect the Sun has on the planet earth. Without it, we simply cannot exist. It is essential for the life on our planet. However, as essential as it is, we do not give it much thought in our daily life. We don’t begin to grasp the significance that the warm ray we feel on our face on a frigid winter’s day or the blistering heat that bakes us on a hot August afternoon is traveling over 90 million miles to get to us; over 90 million miles!   That’s a long way. Think about. If we flew around the Earth above the Equator it would only be 7926 miles.

The reason we can feel the rays and the heat of the Sun form that far away is because the Sun is huge. Huge. So huge in fact, that we could place 1,000,000 Earths inside the Sun. Think of the Sun as a basketball and the Earth as the tiny head of a pin. So because of the enormity of the Sun we are able to sustain life on our planet.

Let’s bring it down to simpler terms. You might have had the following experience.  You are in your car sitting at a red light waiting for it to turn green. Someone a few cars behind you is oblivious to the world and is blasting music his radio.  You not only can hear the music but you can also feel the vibrations from his boom box.

In a similar fashion, both the Sun and the boom box are sending off vibrational frequencies that you can feel and affect you.  The planets also send off vibrational frequencies that can affect you but they are subtle and higher that the physical plane. They are metaphysical; above the physical plane. However because science can’t touch them, feel them, measure them count them etc. science says they don’t exist. That’s why astrology is called a cosmic science and not a physical science.

In reality, planets have been offering their vibrations for millions of years. Everyone on planet  Earth is influenced by their vibrations. So why aren’t we all alike?  It’s because of the various filters we call signs of the zodiac. Remember that questions, “What sign are you?”  That’s a little question but it requires a big answer. Practically, what it means is that on the day you were born the Sun was in a specific area of the sky.  Let’s say you were born on February 2. You would say, “I am an Aquarius.”  On your birthday, visualize the Sun putting on a pair of Aquarius sunglasses. The lenses of the glasses act as a filter that holds the characteristics and traits of Aquarius. So you look out at life as an Aquarius and your perspective is that of an Aquarius. I was born on December 26 when the Sun was in the area of the sky we call Capricorn. The Sun was wearing Capricorn sunglasses , so my filter and my perspective of life is as a Capricorn.  This holds true for the other ten signs as well.

Now if astrology were that simple we would have twelve types of people because there are twelve signs in the zodiac. But we sure know that’s not true. The reason it’s not true is because at every moment the other planets are also being filtered by the various signs of zodiac. For instance, the Moon is sending down its vibrations with its respective functions and its being filtered through a specific sign. So even though your Sun might be Aquarius, your Moon sign might be Pisces. And likewise, each of the other planets also being filtered by a specific sign.

Simply put, astrology is not what you read in the newspapers and magazine columns but rather astrology is a complex, dynamic, interpretive art. The science of it is knowing exactly where he planets were at the moment of your birth.

An easy way to understand it is to visualize, a stream of ten colored rays coming down from the sky, all filled with their unique energy patterns, information, characteristics and traits. Now at the moment of your birth, they all converge into one point of energy and that energetic point of consciousness becomes you. Its your is spiritual signature and this astrological pattern determines, your ego structure, your emotional life, your pattern of thinking, the way you love, the way you act; essentially they establish your unique consciousness and the way you live your life and so much more.

Astrology is an amazing tool for reading and understanding these planetary influences in your life. Just like a screenplay is the script of a movie, the birth (natal) chart is the script of your life. In reading your birth chart, we are reading your play. You are the star, everything else is there to serve in support roles.

Astrology’s ancient wisdom can serve to guide you in every area of your life including your love life, relationships, career, money, health, children and more.