“Brian Hill has an uncanny gift of bringing astrology down to earth. He gives us insights that are both accurate and useful. With his special talents, Brian helps to guide and support us along our journey and he makes it fun!”
Robert Mignone
M.D. Psychiatrist, Florida

“Brian Hill is an extraordinary blend of gifted wisdom figure, precise astrological consultant and empathetic listener/therapist. His varied and actualizing life-experiences show up in every insight, every explanation and every prophecy. Brian can situate his clients in the real world of the moment, reach into their past and gently encourage their future course. The truth is… Brian Hill is not your ordinary, run-of-the-mill astrologer……. He is indeed a master. He truly merits the titles “humanistic astrologer” and “renaissance healer/ alchemist”. Brian knows how to find the pearl of great price within each person whose path he crosses.”
Dr. Amber Rose Acupuncture Physician Psychotherapist Author, New York

“Brian Hill’s approach is direct, insightful and accurate. His interpretations gave me a fresh perspective on many important issues in my life. It was the bests astrological reading I have had!”
Mary Alderson
Ph.D., R.N., FL

“Brian Hill is a rarity in the new age, new thought and ancient techniques community. He has the uncanny ability to translate complex astrological concepts into understandable and practical information. When you add his humor, sensitivity and caring, the result is a powerful and wonderful experience.”
Ruth C. Schultz
Ph.D. Psychologist, CA

I’ve know Brian for some time now… I attended in Introductory session on “Relationships and Taurus” several years ago…I was impressed by his ability to take a complex subject and make it simple and understandable, so I asked him if he would do a Birth chart for me…When we met, he blew me away with his accuracy and observations…Have had several additional charts done by Brian and each time I have been amazed …Not only that, but when you meet him for the first time, you’ll notice that he is very personable and sense that you have just met a new friend and a great, sensitive, spiritual human being.”
Bruce Deery, South Carolina

“Brian Hill’s approach is direct, insightful and accurate. His interpretations gave me fresh perspective on many important issues in my life. It was the best astrological readings I ever had.”
W. Frederic Harvey, M.D., Florida

We come into the world whole and perfect with an imprint of a life plan that has been stamped on our souls by the angels. As we progress through life, the image of perfection and the clarity of the plan often become clouded or lost.  We have been told by some along the way that we are too this or too that, or lacking in various ways, not quite measuring up.   When I first met Brian Hill my self-confidence was at an all time low.  I had lost the ability to see my own value.  He looked at my chart and began to weave together the threads of who I am.  He saw what I couldn’t see.  For an hour or so I was able to look through his eyes and see something I had lost completely – the image of a beautiful person.  He showed me my strengths and brought the image into focus for me.

I have re-played the tape of that session, and other sessions we have had over the years many times.  When the doubts begin to creep back in, I listen to the wisdom of the ages speaking through the voice of a man who is ‘in tune’ with the energies of the universe.  No matter what the challenge of the moment happens to be, knowing that I came to Earth with talents, skills, and abilities specifically created to deal with my lessons in life, I am comforted.

To Brian, I say ‘Thank-you.’  To you, someone who is looking for truth, seeking answers, on a quest for the meaning in your life, I say “You have come to the right place.”  From my heart, without reservation, I know that your life will be enriched by his compassion and  wisdom, and that you will come away more enlightened than you can ever imagine. Sincerely,
Cheryl J. Hutchison, Washington

Brian combines his expertise in astrology with an intuitive understanding of his client, and I found that he was reading my energy even on a phone consultation.  Not only do I highly recommend his input when decisions are needed, but his readings also explain much about the directions our lives take and the choices we make.
Beaty Lewis  GRI, ABR ,SRES, ePRO
Texas, USA

Brian Hill is an expert in the field of astrology – he is one of a very few in the U.S. and perhaps the world, that readily sees, understands, and then can explain in terms you can understand, the influences of the planets and their placements on your life – how they guide you and teach you, and bring new dimension and harmony to your life, if you are willing to pay attention. I have consulted with Brian for several years, and each time his insights have been invaluable in looking at my life situations.
Terry R., LMT, RMT
Arlington, VA

Where do I begin to tell you the qualities that best describe Brian Hill?  To choose any one specific quality would do an injustice to this multi-faceted, caring man. Whether you know Brian for a long time, or whether you have just had a first visit or chat with him, you’ll feel as if you’ve been with a dear friend – someone who cares, someone who has your best interests at heart.

Brian has the uncanny gift of placing himself in your personal arena for the period of time you are with or talking to him.  During that time, he shares his wisdom through an unparalleled insight into your life.  He takes a complex astrological “message” and relays it to you in a way that is in easy-to-understand, down-to-earth, often humorous examples that tell you “yes, this is how it has been; and hooray, this is how it could be!”  Or, better yet, “Aha! I get it now.”  Not only does he present clearly the challenges of your life, but he offers solutions on how to deal with those challenges in a way you know you can handle.  He also describes the blessings of your life and encourages you to see yourself in a new, understanding way so that you can move ahead with a confidence you didn’t have before you talked with him.  Now, if that isn’t a gift, I don’t know what is!

I’ve encouraged people to see Brian when they were struggling with issues, and I’ve seen those people return with a new attitude full of hope and confidence that stayed with them as they worked through their struggles.  So, I say thank you for the presence of Brian Hill in this world.  In my opinion, it’s a better place with him around.
Terry, Arizona

An astrological reading with Brian Hill is amazing! Brian has a unique gift for combining the science/math of astrology with being a clear channel of intuitive information that will blow your mind!
Brian was able to tell me all about myself, my son, my marriage and the people that work with me. Everything that had happened was right there on the chart! He is able to help me understand the deeper meaning of events in my life and how to work with these events not against them.
Brian is the best!
Katerina GetchellBoulder, CO

I think that I may say that I am a well traveled person. I lived on three continents and in several countries, have traveled around the globe, speak six languages and obviously have met lots of people of all kind of cultures and backgrounds.

As always, we can and should learn from our experiences and from the people we meet in our lives.

Although my experience of meeting Brian Hill and spent hours and hours of talking with him, has impacted me in a very different way. I met Brian trough some common friends. When I understood that Brian was into Astrology I was obviously skeptical, as I should be, as a well traveled business man should be.

On the other hand my curiosity and my open minded spirit to learn and understand, made me listen to Brian.

In the first place I learned to know Brian as a person and as a good loyal friend. Only later we got more into the astrology subject. Against my limited understanding of astrology at that point time and my  believe that astrology was something you find in the morning newspapers and women magazines so people can feel better about themselves, what I experienced with Brian was completely different. Brian’s way is a “down to earth” astrology. He talks to you in plain language. With a few simple dates in your live, he reconstructs in words your life from (even before) your birth, all the way trough….(without knowing anything about you).

So I found out that my friend Brian is basically a man who has a very good knowledge of astrology, knows the science of it. But what is so different, is his sensibility and ability to transform this knowledge into the correct human personalized interpretation.

Since I know Brian, astrology has impressed and fascinated me. It is very obvious to me that all has a reason to be or to happen. The matter is to understand it and to make good use of it.

People as Brian with the right ethics and the necessary gift of sensibility are essential to the re-equilibration of people and society.
r. Eric O.J. Van der Auwermeulen
Economist, World Citizen
Thank you for you testimonies! – Brian A. Hill

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